We love baptisms. There is nothing more wonderful that people taking a stand in this day and age and declaring that they want to get their child baptised and bring them up in the Christian faith.

Some people, particularly regular church attenders, like to have their child baptised during a Sunday morning service. Others feel it may be more appropriate to have a quiet Sunday afternoon service instead.

Often we find that later on in life people come to faith and want to become baptised. That is no trouble at all just contact us to discuss the options

For others the birth of a child is a time that they want to mark officially but because they feel that baptism is too much of a commitment we can offer a service of Thanksgiving. In this service we say thank you to God and ask him to bless the child. The option is then still available should the family want to proceed with baptism at a later date.

Contact us and we can then discuss with you what would be most appropriate
or check out the download area for more information.