Prayer Groups


Prayer is such an important thing for us as Christians. When you are in a relationship with another human being, you nurture and enjoy that relationship through communication. The same is true with our relationship to God. In the parish we pray and worship God in our regular services but we also have other specific times of prayer and prayer groups.

Altar Rail Prayer
In any of our Communion services there is the option to remain at the altar rail and receive prayer. It might be for yourself or for a loved one. It might be for strength, for direction, for healing. It does not matter. God has more for us than we can ever ask for and so this is a time to receive.

Each month some of us gather for prayer. We start by talking about what, if anything, is on people's minds and then we turn that into our prayer, asking for God's blessing and God's guidance. You do not need a PhD or an IQ of 199 to come and join us; anyone who has ears and a mouth is welcome.

Each month we go to one of the three churches in the parish and spend an extended time of prayer there. We pray about the global, the countywide and the local. There is something about going to a place with others to talk to God that shows how serious we are about things.

We don't want to be the parish that just does good things,
we want to be the parish that does God's things only, so to help us we pray.