If you want to get married in one of our churches then we would love to marry you. We believe marriage is one of God's best ideas and the building block of society. We also have no problem if you have been married before.

Have a quick watch of our Getting Married in Church video.

The law requires that at least one of those to be married should:
- Reside in the Ministry Area where the wedding is to take place
- or be a Regular worshipper in the Ministry Area
    and have their name entered on the church electoral roll
- or have a Qualifying Connection

A Qualifying Connection as described in the Marriage (Wales) Act 2010 is
"that you were baptised or confirmed in the parish, that you or a parent formally lived for at least six months in the parish, that you or a parent formerly habitually attended worship in the parish for at least six months or that a parent or grandparent had been married in the parish."

If you contact us with a provisional date we can let you know if the church is free on that day. What we do then is arrange to meet you at one of our Booking Evenings. This means we get together for about half an hour to take a deposit and all your details, find out a bit about you and then explain the way that weddings work in this parish.

Once you are officially booked into the system we meet again about 12 weeks before the big day for a Wedding Preparation Evening. This is to make sure that all the arrangements are going as planned and that all your questions and curiosities are answered.

At the preparation evening we'll put a date in the diary for a Wedding Rehearsal a few days before the wedding date. At the rehearsal we'll run through every word of the marriage service so that come the big day everybody knows exactly what is going to happen and there will be no surprises.

Contact us to see if the date you want is free and also check out the download area for more information.

If you live in the Ministry Area but are getting married elsewhere you will need to have your Banns read here before your wedding. This is no problem at all, just contact us and we'll sort it all out for you.

Similarly if you are getting married elsewhere but would like a Blessing here, or if you wish to Renew your Wedding Vows, again this is no problem at all. Just contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate you.