Lent Lunches 2019


Lent Lunches have been a part of this parish for many many years.
A frugal lunch with proceeds going to charity, to those who have nothing like the wealth that we do.

Lent Lunches this year will be on:

          Wednesdays at 12:00noon(ish) in St David’s Church Hall.

On the dates of:

          Wednesday 13th March
20th March
27th March
          Wednesday 3rd April
          Wednesday 10th April

There will be bread and cheese and butter and soup and tea and coffee and also be some puddings to choose from.
Let’s keep it frugal but not too frugal eh?

As it’s all for charity it’s on a ‘what you can afford to give’ donation basis but if you want a suggestion
we’d say 2.50 for an adult. But like we said it’s all for charity and what you can afford.

And and and and and if you are a bit of a chef and happy to provide a pot of soup or a pudding one week
then please let us know.